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We have been asked a number of times why we cannot be found and booked on sites like Booking.com or Laterooms.

The fact is that although these sites claim that there are no booking fees they charge the accommodation a percentage of the total cost of the booking, typically around 15 to 20%.

In real terms this means that, at our current tariff, this would equate to around £10 per night.

That level of commission would have a major effect on the services/quality that we could provide to our guests and ultimately we would have to consider the following options;-

To increase our prices to pass on those commissions.
To reduce the level of service that we offer

We do not believe that either option is fair on our guests and they should expect the level and quality of service that they are paying for.
We are committed to providing a "quality, value for money service" and prefer to offer a tariff that reflects this.

We also think that this money would be better spent in reinvesting back into our business to further improve the sevice and comfort we offer to our guests.

Secure on-line booking with instant confirmation is a convenient and quick way to book a room and we have provided this facility on our website which does not incur booking fees or commission.

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You are of course welcome to telephone or email to discuss your requirements with us.

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